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Mr. Steve Lewis

Steve is an educator with more than 30 years of experience in international schools in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, China and now the UAE. He has been a senior leader for the last 15 years and has led 5 schools. He specialises in curriculum management, academic excellence, student experience and teacher development. Steve believes in being ambitious for all students and staff and works to ensure the best possible outcomes and the widest range of opportunities for all members of the West Yas community. He enjoys collaborating with parents and drawing on their skills, interests and connections to enrich the school experience for all stakeholders, including parents themselves.

Married for 15 years with 2 children in secondary school, Steve has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Leicester (UK) followed by a PGCE in Chemistry and then a Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management. Most recently he completed a master’s degree from the University of Bath (UK). He is an accreditation visitor for the Council of International Schools, NEASC and MSA and uses this experience to maintain the very highest standards at West Yas Academy. With a sciences background, Steve is driving the curriculum to be more focused on emerging technologies and entrepreneurialism. West Yas Academy has superb facilities to facilitate this and outstanding staff to prepare our children for their bright futures.




Mr. Nelson brings more than eleven years of educational and leadership experience, with over six years within the Middle East. He maintains a Master of Arts qualification in Educational Leadership, accompanied with a plethora of pedagogical expertise, blended across pastoral and curriculum leadership positions. Furthermore, he has taught and led curriculums across the US, GCSE, BTEC, and IB frameworks throughout his career to date.

Initially trained and qualified as a teacher in the United Kingdom, Mr. Nelson taught Physical Education in various educational settings. After relocating to Dubai in 2015, he was appointed Head of Boys; Physical Education at a large multi-cultural international school. During this time, his career progressed to becoming a Head of House, leading pastoral initiatives to heighten students support and wellbeing within the school.

In 2019, Mr. Nelson joined West Yas Academy as the Dean of Students, leading change in student wellbeing and behavior for learning reforms. He is passionate about developing students holistically, equipping them with the skills required for students to flourish within an ever changing global society. As Head of Secondary, he is passionate about driving improvements at West Yas Academy, with the relentless energy to work in partnership with parents, staff, and the school community to ensure a high-quality education is made available to every child at West Yas Academy.

Mrs. Melissa Patrick

Mrs. Melissa Patrick
Elementary Principal

Mrs. Melissa Patrick brings over 18 years of educational experience living and working in Abu Dhabi, UAE, including 11 years in leadership positions. She is a PYP qualified Educator and has experience in the US, IB, Australian and International Curriculums. She holds a Bachelor of Primary Education and a Master of Education Studies from Universities in Australia. Melissa has been married for 19 years and has 2 sons in secondary school.

This is Melissa’s 5th year at West Yas Academy. Since joining the Academy in 2018, Melissa has held multiple roles including Head of Pastoral, Head of Department and Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead. As Head of Elementary, Melissa has been integral in developing the WYA house system and believes it provides a sense of family across the school and develops a sense of pride and belonging amongst the students. She advocates the West Yas Way which holds Respect Yourself, Respect Others and Respect the Environment as guiding principles for staff and students in and out of school. Melissa was involved in the schools NEASC accreditation process and recently completed a MIT Course, 'Launching Innovation into Schools', completing a cycle of study and experimentation as a change leader in instructional improvement.



Mr Weaver has been teaching for 18 years. As a full-scholarship student-athlete, he graduated with a BSc in Sports Management from Liberty University in Virginia, USA.

Mr Weaver began his teaching career at a large sports college in East London where he held various roles and responsibilities during his 11 years of service, progressing to Assistant Director of Sport. Seeking a new challenge, his family moved to Dubai in 2013 where he took up the position of Head of Secondary Physical Education at GEMS Wellington International School, before moving up to Director of Sport and Performance at GEMS FirstPoint School in 2017.

Whether playing, coaching, watching or supporting, he has always had a love of the sport. He has coached at the collegiate, high school and club level and still plays competitive football weekly.

At West Yas, one of his objectives is increasing the opportunities for students to participate in Sport and Performing Arts and to develop links that will enrich the school community for all stakeholders. Mr Weaver firmly believes in the positive benefits that come from participating in sports and performing arts and hopes that all students find activities that will ensure lifelong participation.



Mr Millington is one of the founding teachers at West Yas Academy and joined the school initially as a lead teacher of Science and Engineering in 2016. Originally from the United Kingdom, he has over 15 years of teaching and leadership experience in secondary schools. His role at West Yas Academy currently centres around overseeing the leadership of the upper school’s elective studies program. Mr Millington ensures that there is a pathway to success for all students in a wide range of subject disciplines offered in Middle and High School. This year Mr Millington will focus on making links with external organizations in education and industry further to enhance the curriculum experience for West Yas students. In addition, he will also take the lead on scheduling at the school.


Year Group School Fees Per Annum (in AED)* Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Registration Fee
PRE-KG 49,000 19,600 14,700 14,700 2,000
KG1 – KG2 52,470 20,988 15,741 15,741 2,000
Grade 1 – Grade 5 54,530 21,812 16,359 16,359 2,000
Grade 6 – Grade 8 58,650 23,460 17,595 17,595 2,000
Grade 9 – Grade 12 63,280 25,312 18,984 18,984 2,000

*Fees for the term 2022-2023. Please note, our fees are regulated by ADEK and are subject to change.

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