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An inclusive, international US Curriculum, set in the heart of Yas Island

Our purpose as an academy is to empower the next generation to shape our future and to do so, we deliver the highest education standards through the US Massachusetts curriculum. Our values of excellence, creativity, passion, respect, and collaboration are unshakeable in all we do where we foster these traits within our students’.

At West Yas Academy, we plan inclusive and engaging teaching and student-centered learning strategies, enabling our students’ to accelerate their development holistically. We take pride in our Action and Project-Based Inquiry learning frameworks, encouraging our students to develop 21st-century skills to flourish within society. We believe that learning is a continuous and ever-changing experience. We offer a wide and inclusive curriculum for KG to Grade 12, promoting graduation pathways that include connections and opportunities with local businesses in addition to national and global university pathways.

Furthermore, we are a New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accredited school, a globally recognized standard of excellence attesting to West Yas Academy’s high quality and integrity. In addition to our pedagogies, we offer state-of-art facilities, including; technology, engineering, and culinary arts classrooms and sport and performing arts facilities in addition to an extensive extra-curricular program.

Why choose West Yas Academy?

An inclusive inquiry based learning environment set in world class facilities.

West Yas Academy, boasts impressive state of the art facilities that support our students academic journey alongside their pastoral. Our qualified teaching staff are passionate about the US Curriculum and they ensure our students reach their full potential.

  • A highly inclusive learning environment in the heart of Yas Island
  • Diverse community with 40+ nationalities.
  • Action and project-based inquiry learning framework to encourage our students to develop 21st-century skills to flourish within society.
  • Promoting graduation pathways that include connections and opportunities with local businesses in addition to national and global university pathways.
  • NEASC accredited school, a globally recognized standard of excellence
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The American Massachusetts State Curriculum is the most highly regarded of all study programmes in the United States. With close ties to prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT, it stands above other curricula for its rigorous, comprehensive and forward-thinking design. It’s also considered to be more demanding – and therefore rewarding – than the American Common Core Curriculum.

The Massachusetts approach is well-organised with clear expectations at each grade level. Assessments are efficiently organised to inform teachers and parents of the progress being made by students across all subjects.

Student-centric, the American Massachusetts State Curriculum focuses on interactive inquiry-based learning, physical education, and extra-curricular activities. This develops well-rounded students, teaches the mastery of specific skills, and builds confidence from an early age.

Students work towards the American High School Diploma, which is the standard qualification to gain entry into leading US universities and colleges. The diploma is also increasingly being recognised by other leading higher education institutes across the world.


A collaborative, Emirate-wide network

Techonology in the classroom

We believe that imagination, creativity and big dreams can change our world! We are focused on improvement and solutions. We empower our staff and students to be innovative and unconstrained. We celebrate thinkers and doers. We celebrate new ideas and nurture them.
A leader for education innovation


As well as supporting educational growth, the wellbeing of our students is a core part of the care we provide. Our Academy is staffed by a full-time school nurse who provides health-related services for all students throughout the day.
A direct path to international universities


Ensuring the safety, welfare and security of our students is a key priority across Aldar Academies. We know that, in order to learn, students must feel safe and secure. Educational research has demonstrated the importance of positive and affirmative relationships as a significant factor in determining successful learners and effective schools.
An accessible, exceptional education

Sports Facilities

We offer excellent facilities for a range of traditional US sports, including volleyball, basketball, softball and soccer.
Both the large and small playing fields have artificial turf for use in all kinds of weather.


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